आज नारी ना केवल स्वालम्बी है, अपने कार्यो, आदर्शो के द्वारा हमारे समाज को प्रेरणा दे रही है, वो हर एक भूमिका में सार्थक है, अपने किरदार को सकुशलता से निभा कर – अपने परिवार को सँभालते हुए आज साहित्य जगत हो या भारत की सांस्कृतिक धरोहर को अपने कुशल कार्यो द्वारा अपनी एक अलग पहचान बनाने की हर मुमकिन प्रयास की है |

@Achievers Talk – नारी शक्ति”, समय समय पर, आपकी कहानी – एक Achievers Vision अपने दर्शको के सामने ले कर आ रहा है, बस लोगो को प्रत्साहित करते रहे और अच्छे विचार न केवल लोगो के बीच लाये, उनके साथ जुड़े | नारी स्वतः, शक्तिशाली है – उनके विचारो को आपस में बांटे और एक आदर्श भारत के निर्माण में निरंतर प्रयासरत रहे |

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नारी शक्ति – एडिटोरियल सेक्शन

Women Empowerment

Base of education by Neha Sharma

The real purpose of education is to enable and equipped your child so that they can live a happy, successful and powerful life. Every child must have some important  skills like-vision, passion, courage, public speaking, confidence, decision making and most important is dealing with problems.  To accomplish their goals parents and teacher are the main […]

Women Empowerment

Achievers Talk with Garima Agarwal – Travel and Documentary Photographer

Garima Agarwal is a self-taught Travel and Documentary Photographer took up photography out of her thirst for turning her passion into profession while she was juggling with her job in a Fashion Marketing firm. She is a post graduate from the NIFT. Curious to know about the various cultures around, her work revolves around the […]

Women Empowerment

Achievers Talk with ‘Seed Mother’ Rahibai Popere who never went to school has lessons for scientists and Women of India

An Inspiring Story from a Great Environmentalist “The Seed Mother of India” Proud to showcase the One of the Inspirational Personality in Our Women Empowerment Section of “Achievers Talk” who is trending on social Media and various News Portal. Beautiful Content written by Shri Radheshyam Jadhav Pune | Updated on March 06, 2019 Published on […]

Women Empowerment

Achievers Talk with “Simmi ki Kahaani Simmi ki Zubaani” Ideaz by Simmi Sonti

I am a small town girl from Punjab with big dreams in my eyes.Right from childhood I was different and special in doing my things differently and very clear in my ideas be it my room,my notebooks, my clothes whatever, it used to be different and I always stayed like a tom boy till I […]

Women Empowerment

Women Day Special from “The Girl with a Pen” by Ipshita Sinha

If 2018 was the year where you felt disappointed, where things didn’t go the way you planned ,if the people you loved the most drifted away from you, if all you could do was hold yourself together and just gather enough courage to pass through everyday..Don’t worry..You have got your own back. Yes, you read […]

Women Empowerment

Achievers Talk with Neha Sharma On Nurturing Special Kids

Today we will talk about the differently abled kids, in fact being special is not a tag or illness but a neurological condition only. In this world everybody has a different biological condition and people live with that happily. Before judging we should understand why this condition happens with someone which cannot be proven by […]

Punjab States Women Empowerment

Inspiring stories of women achievers – Calligrapher Harpreet

@Achievers Talk : Today, we are going to reveal Untold Story of a a Beautiful Lady, a great Achiever In the field of Creativity from Punjab, The Calligraphy Expert Ms. Harpreet, let’s Unleash the Art of her creativity on the Auspicious Occassion of “Women Day” Her Introduction and Passion towards the Art of Calligraphy straight […]

नारी हो कर एक पत्र नारी के नाम
Women Empowerment

नारी हो कर एक पत्र नारी के नाम

नारी …. शायद भगवान की सबसे ख़ूबसूरत रचना । जिस तरह स्वाति नक्षत्र में पानी की एक बूंद अगर किसी सीप में गिर पड़े , तो मोती में परिवर्तित हो जाती है ,उसी तरह थोड़ा सा प्रेम , जरा सी करुणा , थोड़ी सी हंसी , ज़रा सी मुस्कान , थोड़ा सा रूप , ज़रा […]